Grayson Perry – The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

Wow what a brilliant exhibition, the man’s a genius and how lucky to be able to choose from The British Museum’s collection, that must have been a dream come true.


What was so great about the exhibition was how perfectly his work mixed with the artefacts and sometimes you had to look again to work out which ones he’d actually made. The thing about Grayson Perry’s work that I love, and always strive for in my own work, is how beautifully made it all is, he may offend some people with the content but you could never just dismiss it because it’s so apparent that it’s created with such love and skill.

grayson-perry-tomb-of-the-unknown grayson3 grayson-perry-pilgrimage-539_2

I must admit that what made this Christmas trip so wonderful for me however was that this was my daughter’s first ever exhibition and being of discerning taste already of course, she loved it. Not a bad way to start her education!



2 thoughts on “Grayson Perry – The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

  1. Dear Kate
    So great to find that you are doing such great work! How beautiful Is Maud! The Grayson Perry looks fantastic,but didnt get a chance to get up to see it, but love his stuff. All the best mate.
    Nicholas (Colin), Melissa and Romi Carbis

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